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Recommended Bamboos for Specific Situations

Bamboo for Containers and Planters
Fargesia (most species)
clumping, good for shady areas, with a variety of species ranging from 5’ to 15’ high.
Hibanobambusa tranquillans ‘Shiroshima’ striking large variegated foliage, up to 12’
Indocalamus tesselatus very large, deep green leaves with a tropical appearance, up to 10’
Phyllostachys aurea ‘Holochrysa’ interesting compressed, golden culms with an Asian effect, very vertical, up to 12’. Can grow indoors.
Phyllostachys aurea ‘Koi’ interesting compressed, gold and green culms, very vertical, up to 12’. Can grow indoors.
Phyllostachys aureosulcata ‘Aureocaulis’ beautiful gold culms, fast growing, up to 25’
Phyllostachys aureosulcata ‘Spectablis’ striking gold culms with a green stripe, fast growing, up to 25’
Phyllostachys nigra dramatic jet black culms, up to 25’. Most popular of all bamboos.
Pleioblastus (most species) colourful variegated foliage, small bushy habit, up to 5’. Great groundcover, spreading, underplanting.
Sasa (most species) large tropical foliage, 5’ to 10’ depending on species. Fast spreading.
Bambusa multiplex ‘Alphonse Karr’ very good choice for indoor plantings, but may not survive hard winters outdoors in our climate. Beautiful large vertical striped culms, 20’ indoors, 30’ outdoors.
Bamboo for Small Spaces:
These are smaller bamboos with a slim form and/or small footprint, very useful on small decks and balconies.
Fargesia robusta ‘Wolong’ Phyllostachys aurea ‘Holochrysa’ Phyllostachys aurea ‘Koi’
  Pleioblastus(most species)  
Low Screens and Hedges, Under  8 Feet
Fargesia dracocephala 'rufa' Pleioblastus distichus Pleioblastus shibuyanus ‘Tsuboi’
Pleioblastus viridistriatus Sasa veitchii  
Medium Screens and Hedges, 8 to 20 ft
Chusquea culeou Fargesia denudata Fargesia nitida
Fargesia robusta ‘Wolong’ Hibanobambusa tranquillans ‘Shiroshima’ Phyllostachys aurea ‘Holochrysa’
  Phyllostachys aurea ‘Koi’  
Tall Screens and Hedges over 20 ft
Chusquea gigantea Phyllostachys atrovaginata Phyllostachys aureosulcata ‘Aureocaulis’
Phyllostachys aureosulcata ‘Spectablis’ Phyllostachys bissetii Phyllostachys kwangsiensis
Phyllostachys vivax Phyllostachys vivax ‘Aureocaulis’ Semiarundinaria fastuosa
My Favourite Bamboos
Phyllostachys aurea ‘Holochrysa’ Beautiful culm colouration, compressed internodes impart an asian look, great for screen and hedges, specimen planting, Japanese gardens and small gardens, balconies, decks where space is limited. Smallest member of its genus. Also good in pots and containers.
Phyllostachys aurea ‘Koi’ The same features as ‘Holochrysa’ with different culm colouration
Phyllostachys bambusoides ‘Allgold’ A great, stand alone, specimen plant due to excellent culm colours, manageable rhizome spread and slower growth rate. Strong, vertical canes. Can grow to 30 feet, so ‘Allgold’ is a good alternative to a small tree.
Phyllostachys bambusoides ‘Castillonis’ The same features as ‘Allgold’ above, but with different colouration.
Hibanobambusa tranquillans ‘Shiroshima’ Medium sized, attractive bamboo, large variegated leaves, great in pots. 
Pleioblastus fortunei Bold white and deep green variegated leaves, great in pots and makes an excellent, fine textured groundcover.
Pleioblastus viridistriatus Striking green and yellow striped leaves, good as a small shrub in perennial beds, a groundcover if trimmed low periodically, and in containers.
Fargesia robusta ‘Wolong’ Very vertical, attractive clumping bamboo tolerant of shade or sun. Useful for screen, hedging, in containers and as a specimen.
Chusquea culeou Unusual clumping bamboo from the Andes that handles strong sunlight. Attractive culm colouration, very vertical, useful for screens and as a single specimen plant.

Is bamboo difficult to grow?

If you can manage a lawn you can grow bamboo. Both are grasses and both will thrive in our climate See More...

Will bamboo spread uncontrollably?

Clumping bamboo species will not spread and are generally low maintenance plants. See More...

Bamboo Barriers?

Fast growing, spreading bamboos are useful for producing a lush, tropical effect and high vertical screens quickly See More...

What’s the best planting method?

Dig a hole twice as large as the pot containing the bamboo. If the excavated soil See More...

What’s the best spacing for bamboo screens or hedges?

The majority of our customers buy bamboo for hedging and it makes an excellent screen for a number of reasons See More...

Selecting the right bamboo variety for your landscape:

Different bamboo species have evolved to live in different environments See More...

What is the growth pattern for bamboo?

Bamboo is different from most plants, in that it is genetically programmed to grow to a specific height See More...

How do you kill bamboo (intentionally or accidentally)?

Some people think of bamboo as an unstoppable force that will invade and dominate See More...

How do you grow bamboo in containers and pots?

While some species do much better than others in pots, most bamboo See More...
How much does bamboo cost? Although bamboo is generally tough and fast growing once established See More...